Sunday, January 21, 2007

So who is Smedley Butler?

Smedley Darlington Butler was in opinion on of the most courageous Americans of the last century. Never heard of him? It's not surprising. I have tried to write about him in letters to editors of various newspapers and they always find some reason for cutting out all references to his exploits. Butler was a Maj. General, a WWI veteran who went to bat for the rights of veterans, sticking his neck out the way no politician would dare today.
That's only part of the story. The swine who are running our puppet government today are the same ones who tried to undermine Roosevelt's New Deal back in the '30s and '40s. Corporate corruption of Democracy was well on its way in those days.
In a nutshell: Butler - a highly decorated and trusted American - was approached by members of the banking and Wall Street gang to literally overthrow the Roosevelt administration. Butler went along with them for a while, gathering evidence, and then went to Congress to expose the plot. Just as today, both parties ran scared, and refused to indict anyone. Sound familiar? You can read the whole story in a book called THE PLOT TO SEIZE THE WHITE HOUSE by Jules Archer. Just put in Butler's name and read all about him.
Believers in truth. You have a rocky road ahead of you. Hang in there!!!


Dudley said...

I know who Butler is. He's one of the biggest heroes of our time. A rare breed these days. Kinda like those firemen who rescued so many people from the disaster of 911.

Of course, their hero status collapsed after they said they had heard and felt loud explosions in the buildings before they collapsed, indicating that there was a controlled demolition. Wrong thing to say. After all, who could infiltrate a building like that except someone with friends high up. And, oh, how about that building that fell down the same way without ever having been hit by a plane.
They must think the public is real stupid. Are they right?

Dudley said...


As of July 17, 2007, George Bush signed into law an executive order which essentially takes away the U.S. citizen’s right to protest this illegal war-for-profit going on in Iraq. Most Americans have behaved like sheep until now, accepting the lies and deceit without question. But now that’s changing. American citizens are becoming dangerous to the ruling clique.

The same rogue elements within the military/intelligence community that took out JFK, are also responsible for setting up the 911 demolitions. If you remember, Lee Harvey Oswald was set up years ahead of time as the throw-away patsy in the Kennedy assassination. We’re talking about operatives who have no compunction about killing, taking out foreign presidents who stand for the people and not corporations like Chiquita Banana and Shell Oil.
Those heroes we praised so much for their bravery on 911 were soon relegated to the forgotten history bin when they started saying things that didn’t reinforce the official story. Scores of witnesses reported huge explosions going off in various parts of the buildings just before they collapsed. A third building collapsed in exactly the same way but suffered no trauma from an airplane! Did you hear about that?
Why is the administration afraid to admit there were explosives planted in the buildings? After all, Bin Laden could have planted the explosives too, right?
No, no. They know it takes days to place cutting charges on columns. Al Quaida could never obtain such easy access to the World Trade Center buildings, but people covered by the
protection of higher-ups could. (Nor could anyone but a sophisticated military clique pull this off). Remember the molten metal found in the basement of the trade towers weeks after the demolition? This can only come from extremely hot cutting charges set on steel columns, using thermite explosives. No, there can be no admission of these facts, no matter what the heroes say.
Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. That fact shouldn’t arouse any suspicion, should it? According to its present CEO, Barry McDaniel, the company had an ongoing contract to handle security at the World Trade Center "up to the day the buildings fell down."
The World Trade Center was under a heightened security alert before the attacks, but the alert was lifted – according to Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One – the weekend before the attack. On Thursday, September 6, the bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed. [NY Newsday] So, the weekend before 911, the buildings’ power supply was shut down. “Of course without power there were no security cameras, no security locks on doors, but there were many, many 'engineers' coming in and out of the towers." [WingTV] Witnesses described hearing loud hammering and other noises – while the power was off - coming from inside the walls where the support columns are located.
Circumstantial evidence? Much less circumstantial evidence than this has sent people to the gas chamber. There’s much, much more.
Removing evidence from a crime scene is illegal. No one was allowed to investigate the debris at ground zero. In fact, the steel was all shipped quickly to China. All evidence on security cameras was confiscated and never heard of again. Witnesses were told to shut up. Testimony that didn’t fit the government story was discarded.
The object that hit the Pentagon was not a 757, but likely some kind of missile. A 757 doesn’t vaporize leaving no evidence at all. And a huge plane with a 124 ft. wingspan can’t fit through a 16 ft hole. If you’re new to the internet you’ll be overwhelmed by the welter of research done by independent scientific investigators. You might want to get your feet wet with this site: http://www.waronfreedom.
Come on, people. Wake up! They’re making fun of you and they’ve been doing it for decades! They think you’re too stupid to do anything about this. After 911, Bush told us (literally) to go shopping and not worry about it. What kind of morons does he think we are? So, now, we’re supposed to eat Freedom Fries instead of French Fries, because the French were intelligent enough to pull out their support for this war for profit. The French learned their lesson in Algeria and Vietnam. By the way, the French government is afraid of its people. The French people won’t take any guff from anybody, not even the government. I like that trait in a citizen of a republic! Can you say the same for US citizens?
How can they get away with all this? Who’s to stop them? The media have to be complicit in backing up the lies. Newspapers, television and movie outlets are owned by right wing corporations with ties to military/industrial complex. The only uncensored new is on the internet, and this fact is making the corporatists uneasy. There’s talk of “regulating” the Internet. RESIST THIS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT OR YOU WILL BE ABSOLUTELY IMPOTENT PAWNS OF THESE FASCISTS. They don’t want you to know, for instance, how the CIA created Osama Bin Laden. They don’t want you to know the inconvenient fact that Saddam Hussein worked for the US in snuffing out the leader of Iraq we didn’t like.
Lose the Internet and the likes of such intellectual giants as Sean Hannity, Pam Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Pat Robertson will be all our youth have to look up to. (Pretty sad prospect).

When the CIA went into El Salvador and paid goons to kill off opposition to dictators, we didn’t complain. When The CIA paid goons to kill Salvador Allende, president of Chile, and installed the dictator Pinochet, we didn’t complain. When John Bertrand Aristide – last year – the president of Haiti, was forced out of his country by goons from the state department, we didn’t protest. When the right wing government of Indonesia – backed by the US – slaughtered thousands in East Timor, we didn’t complain. How much more of this deception can we take? Didn’t we swarm into the streets in the ‘60s and forced the end of the Vietnam war (After losing 50,000,000 men, and killing millions of innocent Vietnames) I’d say it’s time for some soul searching.


Meanwhile, the American infrastructure is in shreds. Schools are crumbling and crime ridden. Bridges are falling down and killing people for lack of money for repair. Every other developed country provides health care for its citizens, but not the United States. So, people are walking the streets without teeth, without adequate food, without access to clinics for even the minimum of care. Families are selling their homes in order to pay for the care they need.
It may be too late, but let’s make believe it’s not. Let’s scare the government the way they scare us. We need to get out into the streets by the hundreds of thousands – better yet, millions. Voting won’t do it. We need to let them know we’re mad as hell and unwilling to take it anymore. No more shredding of the Constitution. We also want a full, independent investigation of 911 and the perpetrators exposed and brought to justice. We want out of Iraq. And we owe it to the Iraqi people to put some of that almost half a trillion dollars spent on bombing them into rebuilding their country. After all, Americans do believe in justice and doing the right thing.
Did you notice how good you felt when you declared this to yourself? Yes, it’s called taking responsibility.